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Cable and Stream2 IPTV

The campus residence halls are serviced by a CATV system (Community Antenna TeleVision). the Basic Universal Service channels listed below are provided as a convenience of occupancy for residents. Just like hotel service, you will not be charged any extra for your room because you connect. Also like hotel service, you will not receive any discount if you do not use the service. This type of service enables us to provide a balance between costs and benefits that we think best meets the requirements and expectations of the resident population.

To get cable TV in your room or apartment, you will need:

TV’s must have a Clear QAM tuner. Most TV’s will have this type tuner. Students can verify this with the manufacturer of their tv. Generally this information is provided with the documentation provided with the tv or can be found on the manufacturer website.
If a TV does not have a Clear QAM tuner they will need to get a set top converter box. Apogee recommends the Pico Box model VMX1-1 or the HD-2 model as they have tested these. Other models may not work. Clear-QAM tuners are standard equipment on most TVs purchased after 2007. 

A coaxial cable approximately 10 feet (3 meters) long. You will need a coaxial cable to connect from the “antenna” or “in” connection of your TV to the cable connection provided in your room or apartment. This cable should have male connectors at both ends.

These channels are provided as a convenience of occupancy in the residence halls:

Channel Listing


Step 1: Disconnect and reconnect the cable cord from the tv and the outlet. Reverse the connections and MAKE SURE the connection is fully threaded and tight on both the tv and the outlet.

Step 2: Rescan TV (Auto Scan). While TV configurations vary from model to model, in general TVs will need to have their input set to the “cable” or “antenna” option, and have their channels set to be auto-programmed or scanned in order to store all available channels.

High Definition Channels will be available after you complete the  “Auto Scan” from your TV menu. You will not be able to access the HD channels directly. Please use your remote channel (+, -) button to access the HD channels.

For TV Guide click here.

If you have any problem with your cable service, please contact

Toll-free: 877-392-5617
Text: “ResNet” to 84700

Please bring your own coaxial cable to connect your TV to the cable connection in your room or apartment

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