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Hall Services

The Resident Assistants and the R.A. Office

The RA Office is located on the first floor of your hall near the main student entrance.  You can visit this office if you are locked out of your room, need to replace a lightbulb, want to borrow cleaning supplies, or need to find the RA that’s on duty.

Resident Assistants are on duty from 5:00 p.m. until midnight from Sunday through Thursday, and from 6:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.


Upon arrival at your residence hall, you will be issued keys for your room and suite, a key fob for your building, and a mailbox key.  You are responsible for these and will be charged if they are lost or stolen.

Never give your keys to someone else.  Not only would you face judicial action and have to pay for a lock change, but you would be taking unnecessary risks with your property and personal safety.

There is no charge for a broken or bent key, but you should see your RA or hall director as soon as possible to complete a key replacement form, as a bent key can break off in your lock.



Key/keycard charges are as follows:

Room Key:   $50.00 plus $10 per key required
Suite Key:   $50.00 plus $10 per key required
Apartment Key:  $50.00 plus $10 per key required
Key Card (Porter Hall / Cassety Hall / Tower 2 & 3)  $25.00
Key Fob:   $25.00
Mailbox Key:   $5.00

If you get locked out of your room, any RA can let you in.  You must produce proper ID to establish your identity and verify your room assignment.  For the protection of all residents, no one will be admitted to a room to which they are not assigned.


There are free washers and dryers in each residence hall.

You can now monitor the status of your laundry or check to see when the next machine will be available online.

Go to the link below and you will see all Residence Hall machines listed. 




Please Click Here for more information about Mail and Packages.

Telephone Service

If you choose to activate the telephone line in your room, call Verizon at 890-7100.  Be sure that you and your roommates agree on how the bill will be divided – neither the Residence Life Office nor the campus judicial system will become involved in these disputes.  Residence Life will, however, cooperate with University Police in cases where misuse of service may lead to criminal action.


Each hall is equipped with beverage and snack machines.

Residence Life Office

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