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Student Conduct and Community Standards

Statement of Philosophy
The Residence Life Office functions on the assumption that its activities and procedures should be educational in nature; we work closely with students, faculty, staff, and community members on concerns related to conflict resolution, appropriate citizen, and academic integrity. With this in mind we subscribe to the following principles in guiding our daily interaction with the campus community:

Guiding Principles
• Judicial Administrators are educators, their primary mission is the educational and personal development of all students
• Judicial Administrators should educate students about campus policies and the process related to taking accountability for associated actions
• Foster respect for the rights of others and teach ideals of community living
• Promote intellectual discovery, leadership, and service to society

What are Community Standards?
A community, particularly a residential community, must have certain expectations (standards) that must be observed in order to provide an atmosphere where students can be successful both academically and personally. The residential community has many functions and one of them is that it serves to facilitate engaging residential students with the overall College community. While many standards have been set by the College, others will be set in the residence halls through Community Agreements as well as Roommate and Suitemate Agreements. Students and their guests are responsible to the community for upholding all standards.

If a student violates a policy

Possible outcomes include:
• Minimal or no action
• Students are charged judicially with an alleged violation of residence hall policies
• A meeting may be scheduled to discuss accountability and responsibility or Students are required to meet with the hearing officer to provide additional information

A discussion regarding appropriate outcomes will take place and students are charged judicially with an alleged violation of residence hall policies.

If a student is a victim?
Possible outcomes include:
• A notice will be sent to the Residence Life Office
• A meeting may be scheduled to discuss the incident
• A referral to one or more resources/support services may be offered
• Additional meetings may be scheduled to establish a resolution



Sanctions are disciplinary measures assigned to a student after they have been found responsible for violating College policy. Sanctions are a part of the educational process and help to reinforce the standards of behavior at SUNY Buffalo State. Sanctions are based on the severity of the incident in question as well as any previous cases with the Residence Life Judicial System. Sanctions for a violation of Residence Life Policies range from a formal warning through dismissal from the Residence Halls.

Sanctions may include, but not be limited to:
• Residence Hall Warning
• Residence Hall Community Service
• Residence Hall Probation
• Residence Hall Removal in Abeyance
• Dismissal from Residence Halls
• Non-renewal of Residence Hall Contract
• Attendance at a training session
• Counseling referral
• Educational and Restorative Sanctions
• Restitution

*Appeal Process
RD/CD hearing decisions must be appealed to the Assistant Director for Student Conduct. RHJB and Administrative hearings (not including Residence Hall dismissals) must be appealed to the Director of Residence Life. Administrative hearing decisions regarding Residence Hall dismissals must be appealed to the Associate V.P. for Student Success.

Residence Life Office

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